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Pig Barn and Woodland

Pig Barn Project

After the successful completion of our woodland, the next project on our list was a neighbouring pig barn, and in December 2020 we were delighted to have planning permission approved!

As well as providing a cosy and spacious environment to house our pigs during the wetter, colder months, the Pig Barn will allow visitors to get up close and personal with our rescued pigs all year round! The site has been carefully designed so that visitors can easily interact with the pigs, observe them enjoying the cosy surroundings of the barn, and witness fascinating behaviours such as nest building. The barn will have spacious enclosures under cover, a hard-standing outdoor area, and a specific area for animals that may need to be brought in or separated from others temporarily due to illness.

Due to the heavy clay soil we have here at the sanctuary, it’s important that we reduce animal footfall within some of our paddocks during the wetter months to avoid the ground becoming too churned up. The barn will have the added benefit of allowing us to rest some of this land ready for the summer months, while still providing our pigs with a safe and comfortable space.

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Pig Woodland

Our Pig Woodland was completed in 2018 and was the first large-scale project we undertook here at the sanctuary. It comprises a large area of woodland near our paddocks which is divided into 7 individual areas by secure fencing, but with ample space for our residents to enjoy.

With an abundance of trees to scratch those hard-to-reach itches, plenty of shrubs to snuffle amongst, and lots of opportunities for seasonal mud wallowing, the site is a real pig paradise! It also features several pig arcs which provide a warm and comfortable place for our residents to rest, nap, and carry out nesting activities.

As well as being a stimulating and enjoyable space for our pigs, the woodland is also a great attraction for visitors. With a fenced path running throughout, it allows visitors to feed, pet, and interact with our pigs, as well as observing them in a natural environment.

In late 2019, we planted 250 mature trees in a field adjoining the Pig Woodland. The plan is to design more pig paddocks around these in the future, providing additional space for our pigs to enjoy. The trees were the first step in creating this extended area and will provide many benefits, including a diverse habitat for local birds and insects, as well as shade for our pigs during the hotter months.

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