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About us

We want to give sanctuary to as many animals as possible.

All animals are individual sentient beings, just like humans. They feel pain, have emotions and should be treated with respect. Sadly, there are too many instances when this is not the case.

Take factory farming, where animals are kept confined indoors all their lives without ever seeing the sun except on their way to the slaughterhouse. They are treated as commodities, resulting in cruel practices and low standards of welfare. 

Elsewhere, those bought as pets or ‘unusual’ gifts  grow too large for their owners to handle. Others are casually abused in ways too horrific to mention or killed because they are deemed to be of no commercial value.

We oppose factory farming and work to educate consumers about the plight of farmed animals.

Taking animals into our heart

Goodheart Founders stand with one of their rescued cows

Our founders David and Dwynwen with some of our rescued cows at Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary.

Our founders, David Walker and Dwynwen Jones, saw how farmed animals suffer and felt so strongly about doing something that they set up Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries.

Supported by experienced Director, Alison Hood (who spent over 25 years working for Born Free Foundation), they put their passion into action.  

Sadly, those who find their way to us are only a tiny proportion of all animals in need. We know we can’t save every farmed animal – that’s why we work to show everyone that farmed animals deserve our compassion. 

Alongside rescuing animals, we work to change public perception of farmed animals and encourage people to reduce their consumption of animal products.

What we do

Find out more about our three-pronged approach to changing the world for farmed animals…

Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary, in Worcestershire, opened in 2017 and is already home to over 300 rescued farm animals.
By providing reliable information, we aim to help everyone think more clearly about the way we treat some animals. 
Our campaigning will expose areas of cruelty and neglect, highlighting the need for better animal welfare legislation.