We know that online learning is more important now than ever before.

Our new online lessons are here!

We know that a field trip may not be your top priority right now, so that’s why we wanted to bring our sanctuary to you.

Our online lesson is the perfect way to compliment your usual science lessons.

We will explore a variety of current research topics backed by The National Curriculum such as artificial selection in agriculture, zoonotic disease transmission and prevention, and much more.

Your students will answer A Big Question and have the opportunity for a live Q+A with an animal expert as well as learning about the vital work of our charity. 

For more information about our new online lessons, please email Kath@goodheart.org.uk.

Lunchtime Learning:

The Cheaper Food Paradigm

In this free bitesize lesson, our Education & Outreach Manager Kath discusses the Cheaper Food Paradigm, which was recently highlighted by policy makers Chatham House in their report all about the link between our current food production systems and biodiversity loss.

Kath covers some of the farming practices responsible for biodiversity loss and what we can do to secure a better future, just for the planet, but for human and animal populations too.

Learning modules

We’ve put together 5 modules to help you learn about the science of farmed animals and how they interact with humans and our planet.

These modules can be used to support our online lesson or can be even be used on their own prior to a visit to the sanctuary. Even better, every module compliments a part of the National Curriculum.



Climate Change



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