Docile yet inquisitive – alpaca have captured people’s hearts for centuries. They are characterised by their long neck and legs, pointed ears and often a thick woolly coat which can vary in colour from brown and black right through to pale yellow or white.

VIDEO: Meet our resident alpacas

We have two alpacas here at Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary – Alan and Alfie! Full of energy and curiosity, these boys are an absolute joy to be around. Watch the video to learn more about their new life!

Our alpacas meet our sheep...

When a very woolly Alfie and Alan first arrived, they were keen to explore their new home. Our herd of sheep, however, we not so sure about this new arrangement! Over time the boys have settled in seamlessly and now enjoy peaceful days with their sheep friends.

Fascinating alpaca facts

Farmed vs Free

Alpacas have a natural life span of between 15 and 20 years.

  • Although it’s less common in the UK, farming alpacas for their wool is still a common practice in South America, North America, and New Zealand. The wool – which is softer than sheep’s wool and contains no lanolin (a naturally occurring but waxy substance), making it hypoallergenic – is then used to make clothing and other items.
  • Due to their docile nature and “cute” appearance, alpacas are still considered by many to be ideal pets, however it’s important to note that they require time, space, and financial input to cover feed, vet, and shearing bills.
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Meet our resident alpacas

Rescued alpacas at Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary

Alan and Alfie

Alan and Alfie used to live at a local retirement home and were very much loved by residents and staff alike. However, the premises didn’t have quite the right facilities for these boys, so they came to live with us.

Convinced that they are in fact sheep, not alpaca, Alan and Alfie have bonded closely with our flock of elderly ewes and can usually be found grazing the fields or enjoying an afternoon nap in the grass.

Benji the alpaca


Benji came to Goodheart after his companion passed away, leaving him in need of some new friends. He has settled into sanctuary life wonderfully and now lives with our two longer-term resident alpacas Alan and Alfie.

Alpacas have a proven instinct to protect other grazing animals such as sheep and goats, so, along with Alan and Alfie, Benji can be found watching over our flock of rescued sheep here at the sanctuary.

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