Each of our geese has their own quirky and unique personality!​

Our geese came from a variety of different backgrounds, but now they all enjoy peaceful days swimming in the ponds and exploring the sanctuary grounds. We catch up with the flock to find out more about our feathered friends (keep an eye out for a cameo appearance from Jess the cat!)

Help us care for our animals

Can you help us care for Biscuit and her friends?

Like many of our residents, Biscuit came to us when her old owner could no longer care for her. Despite her limp, she lives a life full of fun and exploration with her feathered friends. You can help us care for animals in need by adopting her today!

Learn more about our mission

Find out more about our 3-pronged approach to making the world a better place for farmed animals… ​


Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary, in Worcestershire, opened in 2017 and is already home to over 300 rescued farm animals.


By providing reliable information, we aim to help everyone think more clearly about the way we treat some animals.


Our campaigning will expose areas of cruelty and neglect, highlighting the need for better animal welfare legislation.