Pig Woodland

The beautiful Pig Woodland is nestled in a peaceful corner of our sanctuary. Completed in 2018, it was the first large-scale project we undertook here at Goodheart and has everything our residents need to enjoy happy and fulfilled lives.

History of the project

As well as providing a safe home for rescued pigs here at the sanctuary, we wanted to go the extra mile and create a dedicated area inspired by their natural habitat. 

With an abundance of trees to scratch those hard-to-reach areas, plenty of shrubs to snuffle amongst, and lots of opportunities for seasonal mud wallowing, our dedicated Pig Woodland has everything to keep our rescued pigs happy. With a fenced path running throughout, it also allows visitors to feed, interact with, and learn about our pigs, as well as observe them in a natural environment.

A haven for rescued pigs

Our Pig Woodland has been designed to offer everything our rescued pigs need…

Pigs in nature

Trees and shrubs

As well as providing shade from the sun, trees act as perfect scratching posts for our pigs. Log piles offer interesting snuffling spots, as well as a home for insects and invertebrates.

Mud wallowing rescued pigs

Mud wallowing

The woodland offers plenty of opportunities for seasonal mud wallowing – a pastime that our pigs particularly love! 

Cosy beds

All of our pigs have access to cosy pig arks filled with straw, where they can snuggle up at night or even for an afternoon nap!

How we care for our pigs

Learn about some of the clever ways we keep our pigs cool during the hotter months by watching the video below.

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