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We pride ourselves on providing an excellent standard of care for all of our rescued residents here at Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary. This means not only caring for all of their physical needs (with high-quality food, routine care, and veterinary attention) but also providing enrichment to support their mental and emotional wellbeing, ensuring they live the healthy happy lives they all deserve.

By sponsoring one of our residents, you’re directly contributing to their care, and that of their friends at the sanctuary. When we say we couldn’t do it without you, we really mean it.

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Sponsor an animal for a one-off payment starting from just £15, or choose a rolling monthly sponsorship amount of your choice.

When you sponsor an animal, we’ll post you an official sponsorship certificate, Goodheart postcard and a photo of your sponsored animal. There’s also the option to choose an email sponsorship and we’ll send you the certificate digitally.

Sponsor an animal today

Betty the piglet has a truly incredible rescue story. She narrowly escaped death after a group of hunters shot her mother and siblings, believing them to be wild boar. 

Thankfully, Betty was coaxed to safety by a kind member of the public who set about finding the piglet a safe home. She arrived at our sanctuary in January and settled well into the Goodheart family! Read the full story here.

Benji came to Goodheart after his companion passed away, leaving him in need of some new friends. He has settled into sanctuary life wonderfully and now lives with our two longer-term resident alpacas Alan and Alfie.

Alpacas have a proven instinct to protect other grazing animals such as sheep and goats, so, along with Alan and Alfie, Benji can be found watching over our flock of rescued sheep here at the sanctuary.

Brucey had been dumped on a mere which contained toxic algae. He had lost his mate and was at risk of severe illness and starvation when a kind stranger alerted us to his situation. 

Brucey now has a whole gang of new friends here at the sanctuary and can spend his retirement years in safety and happiness.

Everest is a real gentle giant. Although he is the largest bovine at the sanctuary, he is also the softest. 

He will happily came running for a good back scratch or a brush (yes, he does have his own dedicated brush!) when you call his name. 

He is rarely seen without his handsome brother, Danny, who is a little more reserved around his human companions. 


Tom is a very lovable pygmy goat who enjoys nothing more than a fuss from staff and visitors alike. He is incredibly friendly with a gentle soul ,who thrives when given a bit of attention. 

Despite being the smallest goat in our herd, he doesn’t compromise on personality. An adventurous individual, he loves climbing and can often be found scrambling over his natural climbing frame.

Watch Tom’s video here.

Lulu previously suffered from chronic bouts of ‘sour crop’. The crop is the first part of a chicken’s digestive system located just below the hen’s throat and when it becomes infected, as in Lulu’s case, can cause problems when it comes to eating food.

Our Animal Care Team came up with the innovative solution of supporting Lulu’s crop with a hand-sewn sling. With this extra support, Lulu can behave like a normal hen and no longer suffers from sour crop.

When Kermit first arrived at the sanctuary it quickly became apparent that he was unlike any other – he was quite grumpy, had little interest in socialising with other pigs, and his tongue was permanently dangling from his mouth! Over time, Kermit has really cheered up. He’s lost some weight and befriended another of our rescued pigs, Ferdinand, who he thoroughly enjoys bossing around. 

He is still known to snore very loudly and yes, his tongue is still permanently out!

Our rescued rabbit run has just welcomed two new residents – Bigwig and Fiver, who were much-loved companion animals but came to Goodheart after their owner had a change of circumstances.

These two colourful characters reside over in our Rescued Rabbit Run, situated in our Outdoor Education Area and spend their days munching on grass and chasing one another through their rabbit warren!

Our little Shetland pony Dudley is one feisty character and what he lacks in height he certainly makes up for in attitude!

Dudley follows a special diet to help us manage his weight as well as regular visits from the farrier to keep his hooves nice and trim. He also has an exercise plan, which involves daily walks up and down our drive with his paddock-mate Morris.

Mindy the ewe suffers from a neurological disorder and her upper and lower jaws aren’t aligned, making it difficult for her to eat grass and hay, but she doesn’t let that stop her enjoying life!

Our Animal Care Team feed her on a special mix twice a day to ensure she maintains a healthy weight.

Iris arrived with her companion in March 2020 after their owner could no longer care for them. Bluebell sadly passed away in 2021, but Iris still lives at our sanctuary and is part of the small flock who roam our main yard during the day, perching on the hay bales and dust bathing in the barn. 

We think Iris is about 7, so an older lady, she requires a little bit of extra care to keep her comfortable. 

Poppy is a chestnut mare with a firey attitude to match her colouring! Her closest companion is Harry the Welsh cob, who is utterly besotted with Poppy and follows her around everywhere she goes. 

Poppy suffers from Cushing’s disease – a common ailment in older equines. We make sure to manage this condition by taking regular blood tests and giving Poppy her daily meds to keep her as comfortable as possible. 

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Adoptions help us continue our important work as an animal sanctuary and you can feel good knowing you’re helping to improve the lives of hundreds of rescued animals. What’s more – you’ll receive a fabulous adoption pack containing a coaster engraved with the footprint of your new friend, a framed photograph of your chosen animal, a personalised adoption certificate signed by our founders, and regular email updates from your new friend!