Now we need your goodheartedness

Thanks to the generosity of our founders and early supporters, we have been able to set up the Goodheart charity and secure the ideal 92-acre site of Nickless Farm. We already provide a safe forever home to over 300 rescued animals, and we are incredibly grateful for all of the help and support we have received so far.

Now need your help to continue to develop this safe and welcoming home for our rescued animals including all the facilities they need to live out the rest of their lives in comfort and peace.

With your help we can:

• Continue to facilitate the rescue and care of individual animals and start campaigning on broader animal welfare issues

• Undertake exciting projects, such as our Pig Barn and Woodland, which enable our animals to live in the most natural way possible. These projects will have the added benefit of helping visitors learn about farmed animals, their natural behaviours, and the detrimental impact of factory farming on their wellbeing. 

• Raise funds to support and eventually create more new sanctuaries so we can continue rescuing more lucky animals

None of this can happen without the generosity of supporters like you.

Your support is essential for the success of the project and the lives of so many animals in need.


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