Img 3066 Hdr Copy Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries


Our campaigning will expose areas of cruelty and neglect in animal farming, sometimes highlighting breaches of the law and the need for better animal welfare legislation.

We’ll use case studies as powerful arguments against practices such as:

• Ewes destined to be culled because they are no longer suitable for breeding

• Dairy cows slaughtered because they no longer produce enough milk

• Male calves slaughtered at a young age as a ‘by product’ of the dairy industry

• Male chicks killed once hatched

• Micro pigs abandoned as unwanted pets 

Through working partnerships with other like-minded groups and NGOs we’ll extend the reach of our message.

We’ll also build campaigns around occasions, like World Transport Day for Animals, and around issues like fallen/downed animals – where animals too sick to walk are dragged to slaughter.

                       We’ll even work undercover to expose malpractices.


Some male calves are shot hours after birth, others live a matter of weeks before being slaughtered for veal

Male chicks, of no use to the egg industry, are killed in their thousands shortly after hatching

Photos courtesy of VIVA