Biscuit the Goose becomes BBC Radio 2 mascot

Get your camera and autograph book at the ready, as our very own Biscuit the Goose has become a radio sensation!

Radio 2 presenter OJ Borg is on a mission to learn more about one of the nation’s most misunderstood animals – the humble goose – and banish the myths surrounding these supposedly “grumpy”, “loud” and “aggressive” animals. 

Who better to set the record straight than our very own lovable resident goose, Biscuit, and our Animal Care Assistant Andy, who joined OJ on this show to chat all about sanctuary life and how we care for animals like Biscuit. You can listen to Andy’s interview in full below!

Listen to Andy's Radio 2 interview here

As well as chatting to Andy, OJ Borg has donated to adopt Biscuit the goose on behalf of his listeners, The “Midnight Massive”, making her his official show mascot!

Want to help support Biscuit’s care and receive your very own personalised adoption box? Click the button below to adopt Biscuit the goose today!

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3 AMAZING facts about geese

Geese have somewhat of a reputation for being aggressive birds, and, while some have grumpy tendencies, they are actually very intelligent, social and charming animals, with so much to offer!

Geese keep themselves clean by coating their feathers is an oily substance, secreted from a gland at the base of their tail.

The loud “honking” is not necessarily aggressive, and is often used to greet a mate or let companions know where they are.

Geese are not monogamous, but they are extremely dedicated partners and will mourn the loss of a mate.