Let’s meet some of the team.

David Walker and Dwynwen Jones with Bertie.

After professional roles in insurance, David and DJ (as she likes to be known) felt so passionately about animal welfare and care they wanted to do something more. So they did. They set up their own charity.

David and DJ funded Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries and now act as the chair and trustee. 

A former colleague James Cross is also a trustee. 

Alison Hood
Alison Hood was previously Campaigns Director at The Born Free Foundation. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to animal welfare, rescue and sanctuary issues.
Dave Bourne

As a little boy, Dave helped care for his grandparents’ sheep and chickens. Growing up with animals meant that, from a very early age, his heart was set on working in animal welfare. After previous animal welfare roles, and with a number of qualifications under his belt, he became Farm Sanctuary Manager at Goodheart.

Our thanks to all who have provided photographs especially Wiccaweys, VIVA! and Maria Slough.