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Our first Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary at The Nickless is now being set up. In time, some of those we’ve helped will hopefully be found loving homes, under the care of other goodhearted individuals. This will free up space for us to take in more animals and continue our rescue work.

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We will provide lifetime care for rescued animals in the UK

Where do the animals come from?

  • Trading Standards who have confiscated animals being treated cruelly.
  • Rescued en route to markets and abattoirs.
  • Farmers who have ‘special’ individuals they can’t bear to send to slaughter.
  • NGO's and rescue facilities that don’t have the capacity to care for farm animals.
  • Private individuals handing in pets (e.g. Kune Kune pigs).
  • Individual farm animals who have been found straying or injured.
  • The lucky few who have been obtained by people to save them from slaughter.
  • Retired’ laying hens and other animals who are no longer commercially profitable.