Learn more about our ground-breaking project which will change the lives of dozens of pigs.

Pickles, Cleo, and their friends are very content in their leafy new home. 

The Pig Woodland is the perfect place for them to live out their lives in the most natural way possible with all the freedom they need to enjoy their safe forever home.  

We’re delighted to see our rescued pigs enjoying their woodland home. 

The next phase of this project will be to build an innovative Pig Barn where our pigs can relax in comfort and our visitors will be able to gain an insight into how pigs live and the kind of care they require.

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A playful line drawing of a pig

Adopt Eddy and help us care for our rescued pigs

Adopting one of our residents is a great way to help rescued animals while treating yourself or a loved one to something really special! 

On a hot day, our porcine residents love nothing more than a relaxing wallow to help them cool down and protect their skin from the sun. 

With a little help from our Animal Care Team and a nifty hosepipe, each of our rescued pigs can enjoy their own personal mud bath. 

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