Here at Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries we recognise that all animals have feelings, so we don’t like seeing them suffer. That’s why we’re embarking upon a ground-breaking animal welfare project. One that will provide freedom, comfort and safety for dozens of rescued pigs.

Your compassion and generosity could help build a wonderful new Pig Barn and Woodland – the first of its kind in the UK.

Eddy and George are just a couple of the happy pigs who now live at Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary. They have been rescued from lives spent in cramped back yards; some living in mud up to their bellies, others destined for the slaughter house. These are the lucky ones.

Rescue pigs Eddy and George

Every month we receive countless calls asking us to take in vulnerable pigs. Many of these are ‘pet pigs’, others are abandoned or neglected. To cope, we built six dedicated pig paddocks. Now these are completely full. We have no more room. And that’s why we are asking for your help.

We have been fortunate to secure most of the funding for seven woodland pig paddocks. Each boasts dense undergrowth with shady spots, dappled sun and tree trunks our pigs can scratch on. For the next phase of this innovative project, which involves building the adjoining barn and completing the woodland area, we need to raise £77,000. After this, we plan to plant more woodland to increase the area our pigs can roam.

Right now, for every pound raised, The Olsen Animal Trust will kindly match it. This means your donation will go even further. So please make a gift today to help save even more pigs from suffering and slaughter.


Wilbur enjoying a good mud wallow

Pigs are extremely friendly, intelligent and sensitive creatures. They love rummaging around in the undergrowth of woodlands, building nests, wallowing in mud and socialising with their pig friends. This is exactly the kind of environment we want to create for the many pigs we rescue. So we have developed a realistic and sustainable plan.

The new barn will be big enough to house three separate groups of pigs. Our rescued pigs will have a permanent, purpose-built home where they can shelter from harsh weather, roll around in the deep litter, and sleep in safety and comfort. The barn will be a special place for our pigs and for compassionate supporters like you to visit and meet the lucky pigs you’ve helped care for.

The majority of UK farmed pigs (left) are unable to carry out basic natural behaviours. Our new woodland project will give rescued pigs (right) the freedom to be themselves.

Your donation will help transform the lives of rescued pigs for years to come.

Please donate however much you can afford today to help build this expertly designed and meticulously budgeted Pig Barn and Woodland sanctuary. Your gift will have an immediate, tangible and lasting effect on the lives of abandoned and abused pigs.

Did you know? Rescuing and caring for unwanted pigs and other animals is only part of our mission. We also educate people to help deter them from choosing pigs as pets in the first place. We also campaign to bring an end to intensive livestock farming and lobby for better food labelling. We want those who choose to eat meat to know exactly how and where the animals were farmed.  
Intensive pig farming is becoming increasingly common in the UK. Our Pig Barn and Woodland project will help illustrate how inadequate conditions in many of these factory farms are.

By supporting Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries you can play an important and valuable role in achieving the ambition we share – to improve the lives and wellbeing of all farm animals for good.

“This amazing woodland project will provide freedom, comfort and safety for dozens of rescued pigs.” Peter Egan (Downton Abbey actor)