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Our story

Taking animals to our heart.

All animals are individual sentient beings, just like humans. They feel pain, have emotions and should be treated with respect. If you knew animals were suffering, you’d want to help them, wouldn’t you?

Our founders, David Walker and Dwynwen Jones, were in just such a position. They care deeply about animals and felt so strongly about doing something that they set up a brand new charity Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries

Supported by experienced director, Alison Hood (who spent over 25 years’ working for the Born Free Foundation wildlife charity) they’ve put their passion into action. 

By thinking big, Goodheart aims to change public opinion, raising its voice above the crowd and capitalising on a groundswell of change in the perception and treatment of animals. 

As one of our very first supporters, you can be part of this exciting movement. You can help us establish a new charity from the outset and launch our first sanctuary, the Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary, our centre for rescued and abused farm animals at Nickless Farm in Worcestershire.

 At the same time, you’ll be supporting the 25 year old Farm Animal Sanctuary at Evesham (the UK’s first ever farm animal sanctuary, now with over 500 rescued animals) and Wiccaweys Border Collie and Working Sheepdogs rescue centre in North Lincolnshire, where they rehome up to 200 dogs a year and look after others that need more specialist care.

A message from our founders 

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been interested in animals. As a kid, I used to nag my parents to buy me wildlife magazines. Many years later, I was lucky enough to travel and see these exotic animals for myself. But what about farm animals? They were living creatures too. They had feelings and personalities of their own, but few people seemed to care. They were being grown like vegetables until they were fit to eat.

I've always supported the underdog (I’m a lifelong Huddersfield Town fan), and so farm animals became my main passion. Fortunately, DJ felt the same way, and we set about looking at ways to help these underdogs. We started by helping a local farm animal sanctuary and its 500-plus animals avoid eviction. We were then able to offer similar assistance to a border collie rescue centre, the fabulous Wiccaweys.

After helping two existing sanctuaries get back on their feet, we decided to set up a new sanctuary, and secured our first Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary in Milson, Worcestershire. With over 230 animals already safe at this site, we're looking to help even more animals with our threefold mission:  to offer sanctuary to more abused and neglected animals; to raise awareness of their plight; and to campaign to end their suffering.

We know the future holds lots of exciting developments and no doubt a few challenges, and we hope you'll be right there with us. 

Welcome onboard!

David and DJ

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