Sheep1 Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries

Our approach

If you’ve a good heart of your own you’ll want to see all animals treated as individuals and given the care and respect they deserve.

Sadly, there are too many instances when this is not the case.

Take factory farming for instance. Animals are kept confined indoors all their lives without ever seeing the sun except on their way to the slaughterhouse. They are treated as commodities, resulting in ‘zero grazing’ for cattle, mutilations, and new-borns killed simply because they are not profitable. These are only a few examples of animal welfare abuses that are driven by consumer demand for cheap products.

Elsewhere, individual animals - perhaps bought as pets or ‘unusual’ gifts - grow too large for their owners to handle. Others are casually abused in ways too horrific to mention or killed because they are deemed to be of no commercial value.

Many farmed animals will never experience the freedom to carry out their natural behaviours

How can we change things?

This is where we come in – we want to help make the word a better place for farmed animals by creating and supporting sanctuaries for those who can be saved, but right now there are many more animals in need of help than there are places to care for them. 

By educating the public about the plight of farmed animals and campaigning against the shocking treatment they endure, we hope to raise the profile of this important issue and help reduce the demand for animal products. 

Our three pronged approach

We aim to tackle this complex issue in three different ways