Education Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries


By spreading the word about the poor treatment they suffer, we’ll encourage a goodhearted approach and an understanding of the plight of farmed animals.

• We’ll highlight cases of cruelty, whether at slaughter, during transport, or through abuses of the law in general farming practices.

• We’ll investigate the problems surrounding farmed animals being kept as pets.

• We’ll urge people to consider a plant-based diet as a means to a healthier lifestyle and improved environment, as well as a route to better animal welfare.

Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary will be a place of learning, research, observation, interaction and community where we’ll help people learn more about the issues surrounding animal farming. Our individual rescued animals are ambassadors for the millions of animals held in factory farms and destined for slaughter, and they are the best teachers of why we should show compassion to all sentient beings. 

In time, individual and school visits will be encouraged. We’ll hold animal-assisted therapy sessions and overnight stays, as well as corporate team building and yoga chill sessions. All enhanced by up-close interaction with these wonderful animals - should the animals agree, of course.