Campaigning for respect and compassion.

In order to reach even more people with our message of kindness, we are working on expanding our campaigning activities. 

While powerful imagery and thought-provoking information are both valuable campaigning tools, we choose to steer clear of graphic imagery and disturbing content. Instead, we present well-researched and reliable information in a way which is accessible to everyone. With a hopeful approach and a message of compassion, we aim to show everyone that farmed animals, like all creatures, deserve to live free from harm.  

The lucky ones who come to live at goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary are ambassadors for the millions of animals who are not so lucky. 

We’ll be their voice, tell their stories, and use powerful case studies to campaign against practices such as:

  • Ewes destined to be culled because they are no longer suitable for breeding
  • Dairy cows slaughtered because they no longer produce enough milk
  • Male calves slaughtered at a young age as a ‘by-product’ of the dairy industry
  • Male chicks killed once hatched
  • Micro pigs abandoned as unwanted pets 

Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary, in Worcestershire, opened in 2017 and is already home to over 300 rescued farm animals. These are the lucky ones who will be safe from harm for the rest of their lives. 

By providing reliable and balanced information in a fun, engaging way, we aim to help everyone think more clearly about the choices they make and the way we treat some animals. 


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