Goodheart X Washog

We’re delighted to announce that Washog will be donating 50% from sales of their fun products directly to our rescued animals here at Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary.

What is Washog?

It’s a bag, it’s a hog, it’s a Washog!

Washog is brand new item designed for children (and fun-loving adults) which turns the boring task of tidying your room into a fun game! The colourful hog-shaped bag has plenty of room for socks, t-shirts and pants – just stuff the nose with dirty clothes, and watch the little piggie become bigger and bigger! Once full, your Washog doubles up as a cuddly friend and fun toy, perfect to use at home or take with you on holiday.

Washog Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries Partnership

Watch the official Washog promo video

From one happy hog to another...

Aside from making laundry time fun again, your new piggy friend will help lots of other piggies as 50% from the sale of each Washog goes directly towards helping our rescued animals here at the sanctuary.

Washogs are £24.99 each, with FREE postage and packaging and can be ordered directly through the official Washog website via the link below.

Eddy the pig

About our happy hogs

Intelligent, social, and lots of fun, pigs are some of the friendliest farm animals, and have lots of funny little quirks which make them highly popular with their human companions. Take a look at our official pig page to learn more about wild and domestic pigs, as well as some of the colourful characters we have here at Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary.