The Latest from Goodheart

Have you been wondering what we’ve been up to at the sanctuary? ​

Tree planting

This year, we received 420 native tree saplings from The Woodland Trust to plant at Goodheart Farm Sanctuary. 

This means that we are able to support the lives of our local wildlife, including badgers, foxes, birds and invertebrates, that make Goodheart their home. Tree species such as holly are perfect for providing shelter for smaller mammals such as hedgehogs, whereas fruit species such as bird cherry are wonderful for providing berries to nesting birds in spring. Plus, our rescued pigs also get to benefit from the shade that will be provided by our newly planted hedgerows during the hot summer months. It’s a win-win!


New rescued residents

At the beginning of lockdown we sadly lost our old rooster, Rocky. With 10 plucky hens without a male companion, we were very happy to rescue Magnus when the opportunity arose. Magnus has settled in incredibly well and has bonded with the rest of our resident flock. You may spot him patrolling the main yard and flirting with the ladies whenever he gets the chance! 

We also welcomed four elderly ewes, Ordelia, Tove, Lillian, and Erica, who came to us from a local neighbour who sadly could no longer look after her much-loved companions. These older ladies have the sweetest nature and have settled in beautifully with the rest of our retirement flock (all aged 10 or older!). We can’t wait to watch them grow old with grace here at Goodheart.

New team members

Recently we welcomed two new Animal Care Assistants to our small team. Abby has previously worked with large cats, but now wants to pursue a career in caring for rescued farm animals. Abby is also studying towards an MSc in Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law. 

Alena previously worked at a dog kennels where she discovered a passion for caring for rescued animals. She’s particularly keen to learn more about animal husbandry and enrichment.

Welcome Abbey and Alena, and thank you for joining the Goodheart Team!


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