Sponsor an animal

Sponsor one of our rescued animals today!

Fill in the form below to sponsor one of our rescued farm animals. You can set up a single, monthly, or annual payment of your choosing. Regular payments help us plan for the future and allow us to continue providing a home for even more animals in need, so please consider a monthly or annual sponsorship if you can.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sponsor an animal?

You can sponsor one of our lovely rescued animals via the links above. You can also click here to make a one-off sponsorship or click here to make a monthly sponsorship.

Can I make an email sponsorship?

Yes! If you’d prefer not to receive anything in the post, just select the Email Sponsorship option on the form and we’ll send you a digital version of your sponsorship certificate only.

How does sponsoring an animal for charity help?

Many of our rescued animals have come from situations of cruelty or neglect and so we like to make sure that they live their best lives once at our sanctuary. This means offering all of our animals – large and small – a very high level of care, whether that’s a certain feed they prefer, specialised medical treatment, or fun enrichment items to keep them entertained! With your kind sponsorship, we can continue to provide the best for all our animals – and many more in the future!

Can I visit my sponsored animal at the sanctuary?

Yes! Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary based in Worcestershire will be opening for visits from April 2021. Head to our Visit Us page to book your personal sanctuary tour now and meet your new friend!

Can I adopt an animal?

Yes! We have a selection of lovely animals up for adoption – including Ellie the Pig, Rufus the Cow and Harry the Pony! Adoptions are a valuable source of income for our small sanctuary, and help us to continue our important work fighting for a better future for animals. Click here to adopt an animal today.