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School Visits to Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary

Looking for new experiences to enrich your students' learning?

Get hands on and meet our 300 rescued animals!

We offer an organic outdoor learning experience to all students, including those who may struggle to focus in the traditional classroom setting.

With the backdrop of the beautiful Worcestershire countryside, we offer 3 different aspects of the Education Endowment Foundation’s teaching and learning strategies specifically for engaging Pupil Premium students, but to the benefit of all: 

  • Outdoor adventure learning
  • Collaborative learning
  • Social and emotional learning

Children will learn curriculum content in a fun, engaging, and enriching way

Your students will be able to unwind and enjoy feeding and interacting with our friendly cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, horses, turkeys and hens. Don your overalls, grab some tasty treats and prepare to get stuck in.

You choose how best to engage your students! With a variety of options available, we can work together to create a fulfilling and enjoyable educational experience.

How human are animals? – 30 minute workshops *

Find out the similarities and differences between humans and animals, including:

  • How do hens know who’s boss? Learning about the social hierarchy of chickens
  • It’s just a gut feeling – the differences between human and animal digestive systems,
  • Problem solving for pigs – use your brain to design a puzzle toy for our pigs to discover and enjoy!
  • Create animal inspired arts and crafts with a memorable souvenir to take home

Caring for our animals – 30 – 60 minute activities

  • Learn the importance of keeping animal accommodation clean - help our animal care assistants muck out our poultry pens
  • General horse husbandry and grooming sessions
  • Design innovative enrichment for our hens, turkeys and geese

Planting a new future for our planet – 60 minute treasure trail *

What do farm animals have to do with climate change? By completing a treasure trail around the site, find out what we can do to help make a positive difference! Remember, every small step goes a long way. 

*Includes direct links to the national curriculum

Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary is the perfect place for students to enjoy the outdoors and blow off some steam

Contact or call 07791603215 for more details about field trips to the sanctuary or school visits from our staff.