Salt gives birth to piglets

Salt the pig arrived at Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary at the start of summer 2019.

Along with pals Peppa and Denzel, she’d been rescued by the RSPCA following a neglect case. The trio had been living in pitiful conditions and – as Salt and Peppa (both females) had been left to live with Denzel (an uncastrated male) – we suspected both females may be pregnant.

Upon arrival, Denzel was immediately separated from Salt and Peppa. Following veterinary advice, both females were also given an injection to discard any existing pregnancies. Once Denzel was castrated, the trio were reunited and lived happily together in one of the sanctuary’s pig paddocks.

Rescued pigs Salt Peppa and Denzel with they first arrived
Salt, Peppa and Denzel when they first arrived,

Only around a week before she gave birth did Salt show any signs of being pregnant. As a young and underweight pig, she’d hidden her pregnancy well. Whilst the injection Salt received to prevent pregnancy is generally reliable, it isn’t 100% effective. And in Salt’s case, nature simply took its course…

Shortly after,  Salt gave birth to 13 piglets in a warm, cosy barn. Sadly, she lost three early on, but both mum and the remaining 10 were delivered without any problems.

With the piglets just days old, our wonderful supporters rose to the occasion, donating lots of items such as heat pads to help us care for the newest members of the Goodheart family.
The ten surprise piglets officially won the hearts of everyone at Goodheart and we were all very relieved when they continued to do well. All newborn animals face risks in the early days, but Salt is a fantastic mum and with the help of our Animal Care Team, she continued to make sure the new arrivals thrived.
As the piglets grew, so too did their curiosity and it wasn’t long before they were out exploring their new home, with proud mum Salt in tow…
Salt and her piglets have a bright and happy future ahead of them at our sanctuary. When they’re old enough, the piglets will have their own friendship groups and Salt will once again be able to share a paddock with her friends Peppa and Denzel. 
A Goodhearted ending for all.