Remember A Charity Week 2023

Remember A Charity Week is an annual campaign that encourages more people to consider leaving a gift to charity in their Will. This year’s Remember A Charity Week runs from 11 to 17 September 2023. 

Giving to a charity in your Will (after looking after loved ones, of course) can have a huge impact and leaves a legacy of kindness that will benefit many for years to come. This ‘Remember a Charity Week’, we want to highlight the impact that leaving a gift in your will can make in providing a better future for animals in need.

How your gift helps

By leaving a charitable gift to Goodheart in your Will, you can:

  • Help us to continue providing the very best care for our rescued animals, many of which have had a difficult start in life and have never known kindness or comfort before coming to us.
  • Provide the funds needed to take in more animals in desperate need of a home: from RSPCA neglect cases to abandoned former “pets” and those animals who have fled or been saved from the farming industry.
  • Support us as we continue our mission to change the public perception of farmed animals and encourage people to make more sustainable and compassionate lifestyle choices.
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Brucey's rescue story

Brucey had been dumped on a mere which
contained toxic algae. He had lost his mate and was at risk of severe illness and starvation when a kind stranger alerted us to his situation. Brucey now has a whole gang of new friends here at the sanctuary and can spend his retirement years in safety, grazing in the garden and swimming in his very own pool.

Education & Advocacy

By facilitating meaningful connections between the public and our residents, we want to change the perception of so-called farmed animals and encourage people to make more compassionate lifestyle choices for their health, the planet and animals. That’s why we have a Education & Advocacy programme dedicated to doing just that.


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