Rehabilitation & Special Care Unit Project

We’ve raised

£ 0

of our £90,000 target!

We’ve raised

£ 0

of our £90,000 target!


We are thrilled to announce that the Rehabilitation & Special Care Unit has now been fully funded! 

The project was kickstarted with donations from a number of incredible individuals at our fundraising Gala in March, alongside a donation from Alpaca. We also received a heartfelt ‘Gift in Memory’ from one of our supporters Alison, commemorating her late husband Martin, as well as donations made by other special Goodheart advocates including George & Anne-Marie Materna, Roger & Linda Badley, Andy Finneran and Hilary Kilburn as well as The Michael and Shirley Hunt Charitable Trust.

The final funding for the project has been reached through a truly incredible Legacy donation in honour of a very special individual, Professor Will J. Merry. Will had a special place in his heart for pigs and his wish was to help rescued farm animals live out their lives in comfort and happiness. To celebrate Will’s legacy of kindness, the project will officially be renamed ‘The Merry Rehabilitation & Special Care Unit’, in his honour.

We feel so incredibly proud and grateful to have reached this stage of our appeal so quickly, and we cannot wait to honour both our supporters and the many deserving animals at Goodheart by seeing this project through to completion. As a reminder, the unit will include an expansive stable block, treatment and storage room, as well as a large outdoor paddock – and will benefit a variety of different animals at the sanctuary, from new arrivals right through to elderly residents.  

We’ll be sharing more news on this incredible story very shortly, as well as updates on the build as it takes shape!

About the project

We believe that all animals deserve our respect and compassion, which is why we are committed to delivering exceptional animal husbandry and welfare standards.

To ensure we are always providing optimal accommodation for our animals, we would like to build a new multi-functional area here at Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary – a dedicated Rehab & Special Care Unit.

Rehab and Special Care Unit at Goodheart
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The Rehab & Special Care Unit will comprise of three different spaces:

Stable Block

A block of six stables will provide the perfect accommodation for our equines and will include a dedicated area for other animals who require specialised care. As well as a useful double width stable, it will include a large storage room for tack and other items. The block will be located at the rear of the main sanctuary yard where public footfall is limited to provide the animals with a peaceful and safe shelter.

Treatment Room

At the end of the stable block, a dedicated treatment room will be an invaluable addition to this area, providing a private space to bring animals during veterinary treatments and securely store medical supplies.

All-weather Paddock

Located next to the stables, a fenced and well-drained area of ground topped with soft substrate will be particularly beneficial for our laminitic equines, who cannot always have access to grass. This area will also include a shelter for overnight use.

Who the project will help

The new area will benefit a number of rescued animals, including:

  • Our equines, some of which are elderly or require special care
  • New residents who require rest or quarantine while we assess them
  • Elderly or unwell animals who may be undergoing treatment or rehabilitation

Learn more about some of the animals that the Rehab & Special Care Unit will help…

Shetland pony Twinkle and lamb Bob

Twinkle the pony

Twinkle is an elderly Shetland pony that suffers from severe laminitis, which means she is unable to graze in our pastures as our other equines do, and instead must be restricted to ‘box rest’ for long periods of time (with regular exercise).

At the moment she is currently housed in one of our barns which we have made fit for equine purpose, however she would be much more comfortable in a stable of her own. As laminitis is such a common ailment in ponies, it is likely that there may be other equids over the years who will require the same treatment and shelter facilities.

Read TWINKLE's story
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New residents like Parsley & Dilly

Parsley and Dilly are two hens who were rescued by Goodheart in 2020. When they first arrived (straight from the egg laying industry) they were very under the weather and required close monitoring and care. Due to their lack of feathers they were unable to join our rescued flock after their initial quarantine and so had to be kept in the house for a number of months whilst their plumage grew back. The new treatment room will provide the perfect space for new residents when they first arrive at Goodheart.

Read parsley & dilly's story

Goodheart’s Rehabilitation and Special Care Unit is being developed by the team with a view to begin construction in 2023 once funds have been secured and the design and budget finalised. Planning permission pending.

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