Reg the ram and his great escape

Here at Goodheart, we believe that every animal’s rescue story is unique, however, there are some that stand out as very special indeed. One such story is that of Reg the ram, who, this month, celebrates his three year anniversary at Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary. 

Reg's story

Back in 2018, a lone ram was spotted wandering along the road outside Chandling School in Oxfordshire. With the help of a local resident, the Grounds Manager, Rob, managed to coax the ram into his garage where he could spend the night safely.

The next morning, the ram was moved into one of the fields within the school grounds, where he could reside happily munching on grass while the school tried to track down his owner. They made lots of calls, even contacting DEFRA and the Farmer’s helpline, but to no avail. As no one came forward to claim him, we believe it’s likely that Reg was found after having escaped from a lorry carrying sheep on their way to slaughter. 

Each year, around 1.5 million sheep and lambs as young as four weeks old, are transported across Europe for slaughter.

Sheep are prey animals, and can become nervous and easily scared. There have been many stories of farmed animals so desperate to escape the cramped confines of transportation, that they somehow manage to escape and flee to safety.

Rescued sheep Reg
Reg is a Swaledale breed of sheep, known for their thick fleece, curled horns and white markings around their nose and eyes.

The pupils of Chandling School took an instant liking to the ram, who they named Reg, and would visit him on their Nature Walks. One of the parents, Emma, heard about Reg’s plight and made it her mission to find him a permanent home so he wouldn’t be on his own. 

After having rung several animal sanctuaries in the local area which were all at full capacity, Emma spoke to us here at Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries in Kidderminster. Although we had only opened our doors 12 months previously, we thankfully had space for Reg and were able to collect him. We were very touched to see all of the Nursery and Reception children at the school waving Reg goodbye and wishing him luck in his new home.

Reg’s remarkable story even gathered media interest, with a feature in Vegan Life magazine and a visit from the BBC who filmed the pupils feeding the affectionate Reg by hand.

Vegan Life Magazine ram escapes slaughter
Reg's story was featured in the February 2019 issue of Vegan Life Magazine.

Life at Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary

Reg took instantly to sanctuary life, and after a short period of monitoring to make sure he was fit and well, Reg was introduced to our flock of rescued sheep. Three years on, he’s adapted wonderfully to his life as a permanent resident here at Goodheart and has found a mischievous companion in Bob, another sheep who was found all alone with no companions in sight.

In stark contrast to the fate which faced him shortly before his arrival, Reg can live out his life in our tranquil sanctuary with his companions, caring human friends, and everything he needs to be happy and healthy.

Reg the rescued ram
Reg when he first arrived at Goodheart, back in November 2018.
Reg and his friends grazing the lush pastures at Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary

Watch the moment Reg arrives at his new home