Poppy Web Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries


Poppy was born in 2001 and came to Goodheart in Summer 2018. She is a delightful Welsh pony with a big personality and enough energy to go around.

Poppy's Story

In her 17 years on the small pony circuit, Poppy has moved around a great deal and has had at least 11 different owners. Her story is a very unsettled one, and poor Poppy faced an uncertain future before coming to Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary.

In 2015 Poppy’s last owner decided she did not want her anymore, and a kind family stepped in to help take care of Poppy and to find her somewhere to live. After moving Poppy to a smallholding, it became apparent that all was not well on the farm, and Poppy’s carers were confronted with dead pigs, rabbits, and other animals suffering terrible neglect. The RSPCA were called and Poppy again had to move on.

With little experience taking care of horses and no facilities to house Poppy, her carers reached out to Goodheart and we were very glad to be able to offer her a forever home. Poppy will never have to be passed around again, and will live out her life at Goodheart with the freedom and space she needs.

A few of her favourite things

Poppy loves to be pampered and enjoys her grooming sessions very much, happily standing for as long as it takes to get beautifully clean. The staff at Goodheart make sure she is groomed regularly to keep her skin healthy, her coat shiny and to help her bond with her carers, as well as providing some much-deserved relaxation time.

Sanctuary friends 

Poppy shares a field with our 3 other equine residents; Harry, William and Jet. Despite being the smallest (by quite a way!) Poppy soon made herself the boss of the field, and make sure to keep the boys in check. 

Poppy’s best friend is Harry, our Cob, and together they make a playful, feisty team. They are often grazing close to each other, and jump at any chance to up the pace and burn off some energy by chasing one another. 

Being a little older, Jet and William are happy to enjoy the easy life and leave the boisterous ponies to their games, although they inevitably get pulled into the excitement and all 4 enjoy a gallop around the field.