Photography Competition 2023: Winners Announced!

In July 2023, we launched our very first Photography Competition. After a truly fantastic response, with entries sent in from across the UK, our panel of judges selected the three winners.

Drumroll please...

1st Prize: 'Roncas the pig' by Marcus Westberg

1st Prize Roncas the pig by Marcus Westberg

Caption: “Pigs are probably the most misunderstood farm animals. Most people have very little contact with pigs, but those who do know – or should know – just how intelligent and lovable they are. This particular image was taken at a small farm animal sanctuary in central Portugal. The pig in question, Roncas, loves physical contact, and I think his obvious pleasure at being scratched – and at having a good life – is hard not to notice. It also goes to show something very simple: nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something. If this sanctuary achieves nothing else, they have transformed the life of one very deserving pig.”

Judge’s comments: We felt that the photographer captured the sheer happiness and joy on Roncas’ face – emotions that all farm animals are capable of feeling, but which those in factory farm settings never get the chance to experience. In this moment, Roncas is seen for the thinking, feeling being he is, which is the essence of the Farm Animals in Focus theme.”

2nd Prize: 'Harold the turkey' by Ian Douglas

2nd Prize 'Harold the turkey' by Ian Douglas

Caption: “Farm animals to me means beings that are needlessly exploited and killed. These animals are rescued from the horrors of our farm system and live at a sanctuary. These have all been rescued and are in Goatacre Sanctuary, near Calne in Wiltshire.”

Judge’s comments: They say that eyes are the window to the soul and sometimes it’s not until you look into an animal’s eyes that you really understand another living soul is looking back at you. We’ve known and loved many turkeys at our sanctuary and we felt this photo perfectly captures the species’ curious and vibrant nature, not to mention their stunning colours!”

3rd Prize: 'Calf' by Fiona Newton

3rd Prize 'Calf' by Fiona Newton

Caption: “Breakfast time! A young Friesian calf drinking from its mother. taken in Kinver, West Midlands.

I love animals. I love cows in particular, always have! Ever since, as a young child, we were in the car on a country road as the cattle were being moved from the fields to be milked, as they piled past our car one looks at me, licked the window and walked on by! I’ve been in love with the big farm puppies ever since! In my spare time I love nothing more than taking a long walk through the countryside with my husband and my camera, and every opportunity we get we will visit a farm or sanctuary and help support every farm animal. Farm animals in focus to me means giving them the recognition they deserve! They’re not just ‘farm animals’ and they shouldn’t be seen as such… just like our beloved pet dogs, each animal is individual and has their own personality, and I like to help that shine through my photographs!”

Judge’s comments: This photo instantly stood out to us – it’s so powerful and at the same time, extremely candid, capturing a moment between mother and child. There are over 270 million cows producing milk across the world and within this vast statistic, it can be easy to overlook the individuals affected. Like millions of others, the calf in this photo in all likelihood will be removed from its mother, never to see each other again, as the milk will be produced for human consumption rather than the baby it was meant for. We felt this photo did a brilliant job of placing the calf and its mother in focus, highlighted the bond they share.”