Peter Edited Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries

Peter Egan: Patron

We're over the moon to have the wonderful Peter Egan on board as a patron. Peter's love of animals has driven him to lend his help to a number of fantastic causes, and we're honoured to be counted among them.

Peter is a television, film and theatre actor born in London. His work includes roles in Ever Decreasing Circles, Downton Abbey and Chariots of Fire among many others, and Peter even won a BATFA for his fantastic role in The Hireling. 

Peter is a life long animal lover who began campaigning publicly for animal rights and welfare about 10 years ago. Peter is vegan (which he says is one of the best things he’s ever done) and refused to be shown with meat on his plate while playing Hugh ‘Shrimpie’ MacClare in Downtown Abbey. 

Peter Egan
Goodheart's work introduces the lovely personalities of these often forgotten animals. With their dog rescue centre they are also giving many dogs the lives they deserve.
Peter Egan