Wiccaweys Dog Rescue

Get to know our fabulous sister sanctuary.​

Wiccaweys are a not-for-profit rescue dedicated to the welfare of Border Collies and Working Sheepdogs.

Back when building a new sanctuary was a distant dream, our founders, David and DJ, adopted their first dogs from Wiccaweys. From then on, a friendship blossomed and David and DJ have since welcomed many more Wiccaweys dogs into their family.

In 2016, Goodheart secured new, permanent premises for Wiccaweys at Brackenmoor Lodge in Laughton, Lincolnshire. Next, Goodheart began supporting Wiccaweys to employ staff to help care for the dogs, and since then we have continued to grow together.

A collie looks at the camera with his tongue out

The team at Wiccaweys care for up to 50 rescued dogs at any one time and have found excellent forever homes for thousands of dogs who may otherwise have been put to sleep. But their work doesn’t end at the rescue gates – Founders Paul and Sarah offer their advice and expertise to struggling dog owners across the country. Their help is free of charge and ensures that dogs can stay in their homes wherever preferable. 

The 10- acre site in Laughton is complete with woodland playpens, fully-equipped kennels, and even a unique group-living space for older dogs. Every new arrival receives lots of time and attention so that the team can assess their needs and decide what kind of home would suit them best. They then undertake some basic training and any rehabilitation they need, which is always tailored to the individual. 

Even after they find their forever home, each resident remains a part of the Wiccaweys family. Their new family receives lifetime support from the Wiccs team and many continue to come along to the wonderful events at Wiccaweys throughout the year.


To find out more about Wiccaweys, visit their website.