Even before opening in 2017, we were contacted to help with a number of animals in need- of course, we simply couldn’t say no.

We put facilities in place as quickly as possible to keep up with demand and soon welcomed our very first residents including Harry the pony and Bertie the pig. 

Now, Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary is home to over 300 rescued animals. These are the lucky ones who will never again have to face abuse or mistreatment and will live out their lives in a safe and loving environment. 

We have now reached a point where we are very nearly full, and sadly sometimes have to turn away animals who need our help. This is why we are working on ambitious projects to increase our capacity and educate consumers about how they can help reduce the demand for animal products. 

Our current projects include our Pig Barn and Woodland which will provide our pigs with an ideal, natural woodland home and enable us to rescue more pigs, as well as our Hen House Project which will allow us to rescue dozens more hens in need. 

Sanctuary Manager Dave Bourne (right) and Animal Care Assistant Nick Owen, with Harry the Pony