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A sad end for Leeds primary school pigs

27th June 2019

You may have heard about the plight of the pigs at Farsley Farfield Primary School. The Leeds-based school purchased two Gloucestershire Old Spots pigs to be raised by pupils before being slaughtered for their meat.

Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries became involved in this story after a former pupil reached out to us for help. We had a couple of emergency spaces at our sanctuary and made contact with the school and its headmaster, Mr Harris, to offer the pigs a forever home.

We felt our offer of sanctuary allowed the school to meet its educational commitments whilst at the same time giving these pigs the chance to live out their natural lives. What’s more, our educational work would mean, were the two pigs to have come to Goodheart, they would have gone on to educate many more adults and children, over many more years to come.

However, our offers were refused and we bear the sad news both pigs have now been slaughtered.

To say we are disappointed by the school’s decision is, of course, an understatement. Throughout, the school has defended this project as a way to “to educate pupils on the origin of their food and issues surrounding animal welfare”. We agree that everyone should know where their food comes from. But is that what’s really happened here?

After helping to rear the pigs, the children were, of course, not present for the slaughter - and the full horror that entails. Which raises the question, is this a real education, or a miseducation?

If uncomfortable realities are airbrushed out, and pupils are exposed to a sanitized version of the meat production process, then how can they make a truly educated and informed decision?