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Do you love to read?

The Octunnumi Fosbit Files: Prologue whisks the reader away to a world of magic and mystery. What's more, every sale of this stunning paperback generates a donation to our work, so now you can help animals in need while sinking your teeth into a fantastic new book.

Not your run-of-the-mill fantasy fiction, this compelling page-turner packed with pithy wit, action, and suspense, takes you on a fantastical mystery tour to the world of the Tarelen people; who exist everywhere and yet nowhere, in a world of mythical creatures and magical happenings.

The unique AR brings the book to life before your very eyes

Rarely do you find such an engaging implementation of plot and theme as original and refreshing as The Octunnumi, but it does not stop there. The Octunnumi embraces an innovative use of AR in the form of a free app, which brings to life hidden layers within the book cover and interior text.  With ongoing content to be added way past the point of purchase, this is a book that just keeps on giving.

Does fantasy fiction get more epic than this! -Only the Best Books
Reading this book is like being transported into a different universe with an ever-expanding cast of characters to meet along the ride. Hold onto your hats people! -Goodreads

The debut novel by Trevor Alan Foris, The Octunnumi offers more than just an enthralling read. Set in a world where morality is a given and living creatures are treated with kindness by default, you may be left wondering: is this merely a tale, or a movement?  

Either way, you will be left wanting more. 

A paperback like no other, each page is beautifully designed

To assist with the unique and fascinating Tarelen language scattered throughout the book, The Octunnumi has its very own companion booklet, which also makes a very handy bookmark so you can immerse yourself in The Octunnumi experience– make no mistake, you will not want to be interrupted.

This 520-page masterpiece is exclusively available to buy from The Octunnumi website or Goodheart events, so hurry and pick up yours while stocks last