Salt And Piglets Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries

Salt gives birth to piglets

What's cuter than a tiny piglet? Ten.

Salt arrived at Goodheart with Peppa and Denzel at the end of May, 2019. Sadly, the three pigs had been kept in poor conditions in a state of neglect on an allotment. The RSPCA contacted us and we were able to rehome all three, providing a forever home able to meet the individual pigs’ needs. Without knowing their full history, we estimated the pigs to be around 10 months of age.

Salt and Peppa (both females) arrived with Denzel (an entire male) in the same group. This led us to assume that both females were likely to be pregnant. As a sanctuary, we do what we can to prevent any breeding due to the constant high demand for space. After seeking veterinary advice, Denzel was immediately separated from the females and castrated to prevent any further risk of impregnation. As an additional measure, both females were given an injection designed to discard any pregnancies already in place. We have found this injection very useful in the past and it will remain part of our procedure to prevent further births in the future. 

Despite our efforts to prevent a pregnancy taking hold, unfortunately the injection did not work this time. It is not 100% effective. As a young and underweight pig, Salt hid her pregnancy well. It was only 7 days before she gave birth that our animal care staff became aware that Salt was pregnant. Fortunately, we had been feeding all three pigs a heavier diet than usual to ensure they gained condition, and so Salt was able to give birth to 13 piglets without any complications. 

Sadly, we lost three of the piglets within the first 48 hours. The remaining ten, however, are doing very well and recently moved home to their outdoor paddock. Mother and piglets will be safe here at the Sanctuary for the rest of their lives, and we're glad to see our new arrivals continue to grow and thrive.