Pj And Jerry Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries

Our rescued calves are all grown up

Just like people, cows have their own unique personalities, and our six rescued calves are no different.

Since their arrival to Goodheart in 2017, our Jersey boys have grown and developed into complete individuals. Jerry is particularly confident, and isn’t afraid to say hello to anyone he meets. Woody on the other hand, is slightly more timid and takes a little longer to work up his courage in new situations. It’s been a pleasure to watch them grow from sickly calves to thriving adults, and is an everyday reminder of the fulfilling lives that male calves born into the dairy industry may lead, if only given the chance.

It’s not just us who think this way. Research suggests that cows are much more emotionally intelligent than many people may give them credit for. Tests have shown that dairy calves in particular are less anxious and able to problem-solve much faster when they have been kept in social housing (in pairs of two) rather than in solitary calf pens which is the current standard practice in the dairy industry1.

We try to foster our cows’ natural curiosity wherever possible. Our cattle live in social herds where they are able to communicate, socialise and learn from each other. They are also exposed to new environments and objects that stimulate their inquisitive nature. Recently, our Jersey Boys and their herd moved to a new pasture where they have access to woodland, and Jerry and his friends have been having fun exploring this new environment. 

If you would like to help us take care of the Jersey Boys and our other residents, why not adopt Duncan, one of our shy gentle giants?