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Maisie the goat


I’m Maisie, a rather gorgeous goat (if I may say so myself). I live at Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary with my best buddies Lucy and Phoebe.

Before I was rescued, I used to assist adults with learning difficulties. They'd help look after me, but I’d get so excited to see them, I’d jump up to say hello. Eventually this became a problem, so my owners contacted Goodheart to see if I could go live with them.

Together with Lucy and Phoebe, I spend my days at the sanctuary munching on low-hanging bushes and trees. (As well as herding the odd sheep.) And although I’m the smallest of the trio, I pride myself on giving the best hugs and cuddles!  

P.S. There are two easy ways to adopt me. Simply click on one of the options below!