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Help stop live animal export now

We have all seen images of the trucks, laden with animals, heading down the motorway, being loaded at the docks. Suffering involved in the live export trade is immense. Long distance travel in crammed conditions; heat stress; lack of water; fear and 'inhumane' slaughter on arrival.

Once the UK leaves the EU there is the opportunity to end the export of live farm animals. Whatever your stance on farmed animals and the meat industry, surely this is an issue the vast majority of us can agree on. This is an opportunity to make a real difference. You can help do this by signing the petition here and passing it on to everyone you know.

Jan Taylor with some of her rescued sheep

Jan Taylor founder of our sister sanctuary, The Farm Animal Sanctuary, went to a meeting at the House of Commons in January. Her report on that debate and her many years of experience helping animals destined for or abandoned by this horrendous practice can be read here. Jan has seen for herself what horrors the live export can mean for the animals involved. 

Please help stop the live export of farm animals by signing the petition here.