Ewes Desat Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries

All of our Ewes

Our first ewes came to us when the farmer made a decision to rehome them to our sanctuary instead of sending them to slaughter.  Their final road journey was therefore to our safe and secure barn, instead of to the abattoir. The overwhelming majority of ewes who are no longer commercially viable for breeding never get such an opportunity.  We are now monitoring our ewes closely and several are under treatment for foot scald or simply being underweight. Our next task is to get to know them as individuals and through recognising them, provide the one to one care they deserve.  Already several are making themselves known to our team; a few confident ones; the large one who often manages to tuck herself inside the hayrack and of course, the few that are receiving regular treatment.  We are looking forward to giving them the peaceful contentment they deserve and hopefully for many years to come.  These are the first of many  who will help us highlight the plight of ‘cull ewes’ – female sheep who are sent to slaughter  at the end of their lambing career.

47 ewes that would have been going to slaughter (day they arrived)