Img 1539 Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries

Harry the Pony

Our first resident and his arrival was totally unexpected.   An urgent call from our friends at the Farm Animal Sanctuary (FAS) in Evesham told us about this young stallion from a travellers’ camp who’d managed to escape a few times and had taken to exploring the village.  This time he’d been brought to FAS and temporarily housed in one of their stables. They however did not have room to care for him long term and the Police advised that the travellers did not want him back.  Could Goodheart help? So we went to meet this slightly grumpy, indignant little stallion and the following day he was the first animal to step out onto our sanctuary.  Harry has settled down remarkably well and is making friends with the team.  His field, which is next door to the farm house and all the goings on, is surrounded on two sides by high, dense trees and the team have built him a temporary shelter.  He’s no longer a stallion and we’ll soon be providing equine companionship for him.

Harry being unloaded

One of Harry’s first days at Nickless

Harry the pony tucking into a hay net (recent picture)