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The story of our rescued male dairy calves

Meet our six young boys who, because they were born male into the dairy industry, were either destined for a very young death or to be raised for  the veal trade.  Our youngsters were being assessed for the veal industry but deemed not healthy enough.  So we took them in.  For our team, Sanctuary Manager Dave and Care Assistant Nick, this has been their biggest challenge so far.  Especially ‘Number 29’.  Our downstairs loo was quickly converted into a warm and safe place for 29 (and friend 26) to spend these cold nights.  His health and response has been up and down; however he is now back outside and all six are cosy in their special ‘calf jackets’ and the deep straw of our ‘Receiving and Quarantine’ Barn.  They are checked on throughout the day and very last thing at night.  As with other animals who have already arrived at our Sanctuary, the calves’ individual personalities are developing fast.  While we are all rooting for No 29 to pull through; in the same breath we often have to distract him as he regularly attempts to push to the front of the feeding queue. The boys do have names; soon to be allocated.

The six boys settling in at our sanctuary

The day 6 Jersey Calves arrived