Bertie Desat Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries

Bertie the baby pig

Bertie was found at the side of the road; underweight and covered in ticks.  He was taken to Goodheart Sanctuaries founders’ home where efforts were made to find his owner.  No one came forward and following a few weeks of tender loving care he was moved to our sanctuary.  He now lives in a paddock with Pickle, another young pig.  The two have become firm friends and spend their time together, searching out favourite foods from their daily ‘scatter’ feed; enjoying scratching on the willow branches and snuggling up together in the deep litter in their pig arc.  Goodheart will now care for Bertie and Pickle for the rest of their lives ensuring they have excellent care; nutritious food and warm shelter.  For Bertie, initially his ‘cuteness’ probably helped ensure him a home as a pet.  How he became separated from this we don’t know.  His story however will now have a happy ending; very different to the 10 million or so pigs who, no different to Bertie in their desire to play; choose company; root about and nest in deep litter are killed for their meat in the UK every year.

Bertie – day of arrival