Want to meet your adopted animal?

Thank you for your animal adoption!

How about making it the perfect gift by adding a unique animal experience alongside your adoption box?

About our vouchers

Our Sanctuary Tours and ‘Pig’nic Experiences are a fantastic way to learn more about what we do and to meet some of the colourful characters who call the sanctuary their home as well as giving you the chance to meet your adopted animal!

Tours will run from May through to September 2023 each year, with booking opening up in January. Once you have purchased your voucher, check back on our website in January to book on!

What's included on a Sanctuary Tour?

  • We start our tours with a hot drink in our Visitor & Education Room where we will introduce our charity’s work and hopes for the future.
  • We’ll then take a leisurely tour around our beautiful 92-acre site where you can meet our rescued animals (including our new piglets) and hear their heartwarming rescue stories.
  • Finally, we will create some exciting enrichment items for the animals to play with and enjoy!

What's included on a 'Pig'nic Experience?

  • We start with a welcome talk in our Visitor & Education Room, where we will introduce our charity’s work and hopes for the future.
  • You will then get the opportunity to explore our beautiful Pig Woodland and new Pig Barn. Here, you’ll be able to feed and stroke some of the lucky pigs that call the sanctuary their home, while hearing their inspiring rescue stories.
  • We will then make and give out enrichment and toys to see the pigs’ fascinating natural behaviours come to life!
  • Finally, enjoy your ‘pig’nic lunch at our table right beside the pig paddocks while our pigs have a delicious snack of their own