Lucky sheep rescued twice

All of the animals here at Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary are lucky to have a safe forever home, but our new arrivals are even luckier than most.

Most farmed animals face dire fates, but for some, a kind person steps in to give them a chance at life. For our 11 new arrivals, that’s exactly what happened. A caring lady rescued the flock of sheep from slaughter, and set about trying to find them a safe forever home. She was delighted when she found someone who wanted to care for them, and soon the sheep were settling into their new environment. 

However, all was not as simple as it seemed. More than a year after rehoming the sheep, their original rescuer happened to notice a listing advertising sheep for sale, ready to be slaughtered. Upon a closer look, she noticed that they were the very same sheep she had worked hard to save. Sadly, their rescuer had been misled, and it became clear that the sheeps’ futures still hung in the balance. 

Thankfully, their rescuer stepped up once again and took the sheep back into her care to make sure they did not end up on someone’s dinner table. She then reached out to us, and we were very glad to be able to help. 

Now, the sheep have a truly safe forever home, where they will be loved and cared for as the individuals they are. They have taken to sanctuary life well after so much moving around, and were recently mixed with our larger group of sheep. 

We can’t believe just how lucky these sheep have been, but we’re very relieved that they now have safe futures and won’t have to move around any more.