Farmed animals are fascinating creatures. Learn all about them here!

Our education programme shines new light on how farmed animals interact with people and planet.

Kath Bourne, our Education and Outreach Officer, is here to show you around our indoor classroom space and introduce the different topics we have to offer on our educational field trips.

From learning all about animal husbandry, to investigating our changing climate and how to lead a more sustainable lifestyle, a trip to Goodheart is a great way to keep learning fun and fresh.

If, like us, you’re passionate about protecting our planet and learning about the natural world, you’ll be interested to hear more about our new and exciting Outdoor Education Project. 

We can’t wait to show you what we have in the pipeline! Keep an eye on our website to see how this project develops.  

Quiz time!​

Do you know farmed animals inside out? 

Take this quick quiz to test your knowledge, then check out our resource packs below to brush up on your animal facts.

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Learning modules

We’ve put together 5 modules to help you learn about the science of farmed animals and how they interact with humans and our planet. Even better, every module compliments a part of the National Curriculum so that you can support your studies in a fun, informative way.



Climate Change



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Find out more about our education and outreach work.

We’re passionate about bringing our message to as many people as possible, but we want do do it in a way that benefits our visitors, our residents, and our local community. 


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