Latest news from Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary

Have you been wondering what we’ve been up to at the sanctuary lately?

It’s been a very busy few months for our team, carrying out important seasonal jobs around the sanctuary and getting things ready for our upcoming Summer Open Day!

Shearing our sheep flock

Fresh haircuts all round for our sheep flock 🐑✂

No lockdown hairstyles to be found here – our flock of 250 rescued sheep are all looking cool and feeling fresh after their annual shearing session!

It’s important that all domestic sheep are sheared, as long heavy fleeces can cause a whole host of issues including discomfort, parasites, and pneumonia.

Our rescued pigs cool off

During this recent hot spell, our rescued pigs have been indulging in a spot of mud wallowing! 

Pigs love to wallow in the mud throughout the year, but especially during the hotter months to keep them cool. Heat is lost through the evaporation of water from the skin, but the mud also acts as a layer of natural sun cream to protect their skin from burning. 

As you can see here, our rescued pigs are well practised when it comes to mud wallowing, but a little helping hand from the hose pipe is always appreciated!

If you’d like to contribute to the care of our rescued animals, why not adopt Eddy the pig via the link below!

Outdoor Education Area update

Our raised beds have been lined and filled with soil; potatoes, strawberries and herbs have been planted out, and we have several tomato plants in place ready to scale our Outdoor Classroom!

One of the aims of our Outdoor Education Area is to provide an engaging space in which visitors can explore the relationship between their food and the planet, while learning about the issues associated with modern food systems, such as climate change and biodiversity loss 🌍

Raised beds in our Outdoor Education Area

Polly walks unsupported!

Polly arrived with us in February 2021 with swelling around her spinal cord leaving her unable to stand up or walk on her own. After months of rehabilitation work, including vet and physio visits, and many hours spent by our Animal Care Team helping Polly to build up her strength, this brave girl finally began standing up and taking a few steps unsupported!

Since then, Polly has continued to improve and can now join the rest of the sheep flock in the field. We’re still keeping a close eye on her, and continuing her physio programme, but we’re taking a moment to celebrate her incredible spirit and just how far she’s come.

Football fun for the goat gang

Looks like our goats have caught football fever as we spotted them practising their dribbling skills in the summer sunshine!

These are in fact enrichment balls, which, as well as helping to keep our inquisitive goats occupied, also encourage a more natural, slower eating pattern compared with feeding from a bucket. Goats are very intelligent and particularly good at problem solving, so these enrichment items never fail to intrigue them!

These were actually purchased from our Amazon Wishlist by some very kind supporters, so thank you! If you would like to treat us to something from our wishlist, you can check out the list via the link below!