Can you help hens in need?​

At Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary we currently care for around 20 hens at any one time, and we’re proud to know each of our rescued hens as the individuals they are. Every resident is known by name, and we take the time to get to know their unique personalities.

Most of our hens have been rescued from the egg industry where they lived lives of suffering in cramped cages with no access to the outdoors.

We think this is wrong.

We believe that all animals deserve our respect and compassion, so we’re committed to helping as many farmed animals as we can.

Our Hen House Project will house up to 160 hens at any one time, meaning we can offer a safe forever home to many more hens right away. Over the years, we will be able to give hundreds of hens the happy lives and excellent standard of care they deserve.

Every penny helps us care for rescued hens

Hens are naturally very sociable and inquisitive creatures, so we make sure to give them everything they need to live interesting and varied lives in the safety of the sanctuary. Our hens have ample space to explore all day long and a cosy, safe place to sleep each night. They always have access to plenty nutritious food and fresh water, plus a range of interesting enrichment spaces including dust baths and a variety of perches.

When they first arrive, many of our rescued hens suffer from from severe feather loss, parasites such as mites and lice, and issues with their joints from being kept in cramped conditions. Sadly, these symptoms are common in ex-industry laying hens.

All of our animals receive excellent individual care which soon sees them back on their feet. We find it incredibly rewarding to see hens begin to recover physically and to start showing their own unique personalities. Often in a matter of weeks, we see new feather growth, strong social bonds forming, and a return to important natural behaviours.

A thin hen with few feathers, versus an image of her now looking healthy

Liz arrived in a poor condition, but soon began to recover with plenty of TLC 

Our new Home for Rescued Hens will be the perfect place for rescued birds to live their lives in the most natural way possible. 

Each area will house around 40 individuals who will have round-the-clock access to both a cosy coop and a predator-safe outdoor area. In the daytime, all hens will enjoy a large grassland area complete with bushes and shrubs, plenty of interesting perching spaces and ample space to exercise, scratch, and peck. This means they can follow their natural instincts to forage for food, which is incredibly beneficial for their mental wellbeing. 

Our strong focus on vegetation and planting also has benefits for the wider ecosystem of the Sanctuary. New shrubs and bushes will provide habitats for more insects, as well as important enrichment for the hens. 

Laying hens are often kept in cramped conditions without access to the outdoors.

A cockerel and hens enjoying outdoor space

Our hens have all the space and freedom they need to live as naturally as possible.

Give hens the life they deserve

Our hens have all the space and freedom they need to live as naturally as possible. You can help more hens live this way

Our Gift Card Range

As part of our fundraising for this project, we have launched a brand-new range of gift cards which not only let your loved ones know you’re thinking of them, but also help hens in need. 

These colourful cards offer a fun way of doing good while helping to keep your family and friends smiling. What’s more, you can get your hands on one without facing long queues, social distancing worries or transport troubles. Instead, you can buy these cards from the comfort of your own home and have them sent directly to the recipient. 

There are cards to suit everyone and all budgets, so whether you want to plant a bush for a cool chick or feed two love birds for a year, there is a gift card for you.

Every penny raised will be used to care for rescued hens and to enable Goodheart to rescue more hens facing slaughter. 

Did you know?

Rescuing and caring for rescued animals is only part of our mission. We also campaign to bring an end to intensive livestock farming and lobby for better food labelling and education. We want those who choose to eat animal products to know exactly how and where the animals were farmed in order to help consumers make more compassionate choices.  

By supporting Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries you can play an important role in improving the lives and wellbeing of all farm animals for good.

A young boy reaches out to a hen

We work hard to show as many people as possible that farmed animals deserve our love and compassion


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