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Our Hen House Project

We want to give many more hens the chance at a new life- and we need your help.

Here at Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary we care for around 20 hens at any one time. Most have been rescued from the egg-laying industry, where they lived lives of suffering. 

Since their arrival, we have been delighted to see our hens' incredible progress. Once underweight with few feathers, they are now happy, healthy, and full of energy. 

We think all hens should be able to live this way, so we're raising funds to build a new hen area which will secure the futures of many more rescued birds. 

All of our hens are loved and valued as the individuals they are. For most hens in the UK, that is simply not the case. They spend their lives in cramped conditions, subjected to painful procedures and denied even their most basic natural behaviours. 

Floppy the hen receiving some much-needed TLC when she was suffering from peritonitis.

Many of the hens at Goodheart were rescued by the British Hen Welfare Trust. This fantastic organisation rescues 'spent' laying hens. These hens spend their entire lives laying eggs for people to eat, then face slaughter when they are no longer useful to farmers. 

We would love to offer a safe home to as many hens as possible, but sadly, we are now reaching capacity. That's why we need your help. 

Our Hen House Project will house up to 160 hens at any one time. Over the years, this means that we will be able to give hundreds of hens the happy lives they deserve. 

Help us build it

Your donation will give hundreds of rescued hens the lives they deserve.

On a warm day, hens love nothing more than a cooling dust bath in the shade

Hens are sensitive creatures full of curiosity, and our girls enjoy days exploring the yard with  full freedom to carry out all of their important natural behaviours. 

Our new Hen House development will be the perfect place for rescued birds to live their lives in the most natural way possible. 

Each area will house around 40 individuals who will have round-the-clock access to both a cosy coop and a predator-safe outdoor area. In the daytime, all hens will have access to a large grassland area complete with bushes and shrubs, plenty of interesting perching spaces and ample space to exercise, scratch, and peck. This means they can follow their natural instincts to forage for food, which is incredibly beneficial for their mental wellbeing. 

Our strong focus on vegetation and planting also has benefits for the wider ecosystem of the Sanctuary. New shrubs and bushes will provide habitats for more insects, as well as important enrichment for the hens. 

Rocky is currently the only cockerel at Goodheart, but we want to rescue more.

Due to their territorial and competitive nature, cockerels can usually only live with hens. For this reason, Rocky here is the only male member of our gang of rescued chickens. We currently have to decline requests for help with cockerels, but we hate saying no to any animal in need. Once our Hen House Project is complete, we will have room for more rescued cockerels to live safely with individual groups of hens. 

Our fabulous gift cards are a great way to help hens in need. Click here to find out more and let a loved one know you're thinking of them. 

Did you know? Rescuing and caring for rescued animals is only part of our mission. We also campaign to bring an end to intensive livestock farming and lobby for better food labelling. We want those who choose to eat animal products to know exactly how and where the animals were farmed.  

The life of a laying hen

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By supporting Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries you can play an important and valuable role in achieving the ambition we share – to improve the lives and wellbeing of all farm animals for good.

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