Goodheart x The Vegan Stay

We’re delighted to announce our new partnership with The Vegan Stay!

The Vegan Stay (www.theveganstay.com) is a booking platform (similar to AirBnB) which lists vegan accommodation across the world.

As well as helping to connect vegan and vegan-curious travellers with stays and experiences, the platform donates a portion of its service charge to animal sanctuaries, helping them continue their important work. Now, Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary has joined The Vegan Stay’s list of partner sanctuaries, which means we’re eligible to benefit from their kind donations!

100% Vegan B&B in historical Bruges
Find great places to stay, like this vegan B&B in historical Bruges...
Izzy and Duncan the cow at Goodheart Animal Sanctuary
...and support animal sanctuaries just like ours!

How does it work?

If you're a traveller...

If you’re a vegan or vegan-curious traveller looking to find more like-minded hosts in the form of vegan-friendly meal options, accommodation and experiences, then The Vegan Stay is for you! 

  1. To get started, just head to www.theveganstay.com to find available stays across the UK and beyond!
  2. You can choose from vegan homestays, hotels, or experiences and even stay over at animal sanctuaries!
  3. Once an accommodation provider chooses us as their nominated charity, we’ll receive 50% of the service fee The Vegan Stay charges. As we’ve only just joined, we haven’t been chosen yet, but we’ll pop an update here when we are, so be sure to check back (or you can view the Stays which support us on our official page here)

Don’t see a listing where you want to go? Hang on tight, The Vegan Stay are working on flooding the vegan travel map with amazing accommodation options, so watch this space!

If you have a vegan stay...

If you offer vegan accommodation or run a sanctuary that offers a vegan stay, you can join The Vegan Stay network and list on their website for free! Just reach out to the team via info@theveganstay.com

The Vegan Stay story and mission

While working as a volunteer at some animal sanctuaries in the USA, Faik Bouhrik, the founder of The Vegan Stay, uncovered the unfortunate financial struggles most sanctuaries face. The chronic need for resources prevents these sanctuaries from dedicating more attention to rescuing animals and educating the public about the need to see and treat animals for the sentient beings they truly are.

The Vegan Stay was created to solve this very problem. Its core mission is to revolutionize vegan travel while partnering with sanctuaries across the globe to provide them with the logistic and financial support they need to carry out their best work.

Faik Bouhrik, along with his equally passionate team, has created this space for vegan travellers to find vegan-friendly accommodations and events all over the world. And with every stay that is booked, a sanctuary somewhere is supported.

The Vegan Stay Founder - Faik
Faik Bouhrik, founder of The Vegan Stay