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Goodheart Rescued Rabbit Run

Located over in our Outdoor Education Area, our Goodheart Rabbit Run is an exciting project which provides a spacious home for rescued rabbits within the beautiful surroundings of our sanctuary site.

The history of the project

In 2020, we proposed a new addition to Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary, a rabbit run situated in our Outdoor Education Area, which would house a number of rabbits in need of a forever home, as well as allowing our visitors to learn more about rabbit husbandry and welfare.

Following guidance set out by the Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund, the foundations were laid and work started on the run in March 2021.  By the autumn, the ground inside the run had been prepared, mounds were built and tunnels added. Work was paused over the wet winter months, but by spring 2022, the run was finished and ready to welcome its new residents!

“This country professes a great fondness for animals. It’s time to show it”

– Global CEO of Compassion in World Farming

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that rabbits are indeed farmed for their meat and fur in this country, which means they are susceptible to suffering and exploitation, just like our other rescued residents.

All about rabbit welfare

Even though rabbit farms are fairly small-scale within the UK, new applications for farms are still being made. Organisations such as PETA and Compassion in World Farming are working hard to garner support for the denial of new farms, such as the application for a rabbit farm in Stafforshire, which was thankfully rejected in 2017. Greater numbers of farmed rabbits are reared in countries such as China, Spain, France, and Italy, and rabbits are actually the fourth most farmed animal in the world.

In intensive farm settings, rabbits may be kept in cramped, barren cages, where they often fight with one another due to boredom or stress. Injuries and illnesses are often left untreated and reports have found that animals are subjected to rough handling before they are slaughtered.

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How you can help

Sponsor Bigwig and Fiver

Our rescued rabbit run has just welcomed two new residents – Bigwig and Fiver, who were much-loved companion animals but came to Goodheart after their owner had a change of circumstances. 

By sponsoring our residents, you’re directly contributing to their care and that of their friends at the sanctuary. Sponsorship starts from just a one-off donation of £15, or you can choose a rolling monthly sponsorship amount of your choice.

All about rabbit welfare

'A Hutch is Not Enough'

Sadly, many owners still think it’s OK to keep rabbits and guinea pigs in cramped, cold hutches. We’re proud to support the Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund’s ‘A Hutch Is Not Enough’ campaign, which aims to provide pet owners and retailers with detailed information on diet, health, accommodation, companionship and enrichment in order to provide the best possible care for rabbit companions.

You can learn more about the campaign