Goodheart 485 Fundraising Challenge!

Take on our fun virtual challenge and help raise money for rescued animals!

What is the 485 challenge?

485 is no random number. Here at Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary in Worcestershire, we’ve rescued 485 animals since we opened our doors in 2017, including pigs, cows, horses, sheep, hens, and geese, who would otherwise have faced uncertain or unpleasant futures.

We rely on fabulous fundraisers just like you to help us care for our rescued residents, as well as provide a safe home for the many more animals out there who need our help.

Will you join our team and help us continue our important work?

How do I take part?

You don’t need to be an athlete or even to have done any previous fundraising to take part – our 485 challenge is open to all abilities and ages from 9 to 99! There’s no deadline, but you may find it helpful to set your own for motivational purposes!

All you have to do is think of an activity based around the number 485, or a variation e.g., 48.5. You could challenge yourself to run, walk, or cycle 485 miles or 48.5 kilometres, or simply challenge yourself to raise £48.50 doing an activity of your choice.

Stuck for ideas? We’ve got some weird and wonderful ones to inspire you:

  • Make up your own triathlon! You could run for 4 miles or kilometres, cycle for 8 and swim for 5
  • Do 485 star jumps/skipping rope jumps/squats/press ups or sit-ups
  • Do a sponsored silence for 4 hours, 8 minutes and 5 seconds
  • Be wacky – challenge yourself to knit a scarf that’s 4 metres long
  • Read 48 books and listen to 5 audiobooks in a year
  • Learn how to count to 4 or 8 in 5 different languages
  • Get crafty – make, draw or bake 485 items throughout the year
Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries Fundraising Ideas

Getting started

1. Pick your activity – Make up your own or choose from the list above!

2. Let us know – Fill in the form here to let us know you’re taking on the challenge. You’ll receive individual support from a member of our team and advice on how to make the most of your fundraising experience!

3. Sign up to Sport for Charity – This step is totally optional but means that for a one-off £15 fee, you’ll receive a bespoke medal once you complete your challenge. Head to our page on the Sport for Charity website for more information and to sign up.

3. Share your fundraiser – Set up a JustGiving Page and share with family and friends so they can learn more about your challenge and sponsor you!

If you have any questions, just email us at info@goodheart.org.uk

Good luck! x