Goat Village

Learn all about our latest habitat development project here at Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary – the Goat Village!

About the project

Following the successful completion of our Pig Barn & Woodland and our Goodheart Home for Rescued Hens, we want to create a dedicated area for our group of rescued goats.


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OF OUR £20,000 TARGET!

A fun environment for our goats

The Goat Village will include several features to enhance the lives of our rescued goats…

Thor and Loki the goats in their field shelter

A new shelter

The new area will include a spacious shelter, filled with cosy straw and divided into sections so that the goats can sleep in their individual friendship groups. The shelter will sit on a hard-standing base, useful for the wetter months of the year.

A goat standing on a log

Climbing frame or tower

It’s well known that goats love climbing, so the focus of the area will be a large climbing frame or tower structure where our goats can play safely to their hearts’ content.

DietGoats are 'browsers' meaning they will eat nearly any plant matter including grasses, shrubs, and trees.

Enrichment opportunities

There will also be fun enrichment items such as platformed walkways and scratching posts, and the whole area will be safely fenced, allowing visitors to observe our goat gang enjoying life at the sanctuary.

Meet our rescued goats

Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary is home to a number of rescued goats, with their own unique personalities and rescue stories. Watch our video below to learn more about them…

Learn more about our goats

Energetic, playful, and very cheeky – our gang of rescued goats never fail to make us smile with their mischievous ways! Learn about domestic goats and their wild cousins by following the link below…